Polycarbonate is a very versatile clear material, that is suitable for multiple fabricating and forming applications. Polycarbonate is a material which benefits from very high impact resistance, class 1 fire ratings and is widely used as machine guards, secondary glazing and roofing.
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Polycarbonate - clear
length xwidth xthickness
2050 x1250 x3.00
2050 x1250 x4.00
2050 x1250 x5.00
2050 x1250 x6.00
2050 x1250 x8.00
2430 x1230 x3.00
2430 x1230 x4.00
2430 x1230 x5.00
2430 x1230 x6.00
2430 x1230 x8.00

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